Research and Development (R&D) Projects


Completed Projects 2012


  • Improvement of Fixed Dome Biogas Digester System Design for Swine Waste Management
  • Development of an Immobilized Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst for Water Treatment
  • Field Testing of Clay-Based Solidification Process on Leather Tannery Waste Sludge
  • Ceramic Clay Products from Solidified Leather Tannery Waste Sludge
  • In-Vessel Treatment of Tannery Sludge using the ITDI Bioreactor Composting Technology
  • Development of 2-Stage Process for Biogas Production for Swine Effluent
  • Semi-Continuous Production of Microalgae using Swine Wastewater
  • Preparation of Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan
  • Treated Wastewater Recycling in the Swine Industry
  • Development of Biocide, Salt and Heavy Metals Resistant Aerobic Microbes for the Treatment of COD and BOD Tannery Wastewater
  • Performance Evaluation of ITDI Bioreactor Accelerated Composting Technology


Completed Projects (2011)

  • Microbial Removal of Residual Chromium from Tannery Wastes under Anaerobic Conditions
  • Application of DOST-ITDI Bioreactor Composting Technology to Fruit Processing Wastes
  • Microbial Decolorization of Natural Dyes in Textile and Fiber Production Effluents
  • Utilization of Water yacinth for Biogas aProductionPHyacinth for Biogas Production and Bioreactor Composting
  • Field Testing of D-I-Y Portable Biogas Digester

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