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    Sardines in Oil

    Bottled Tuyo in Oil

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    Vacuum Fried Mussels

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    ADMATEL Laboratory

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    Food Processing Technologies

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    National Metrology

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    Standards and Testing

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    Materials Science

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    Packaging Technologies

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    Environment and Biotechnology

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    Chemicals and Energy



  • Edible film from cassava and sago and its application
  • Mass transfer rates during vacuum frying of selected fruit: Mango
  • Processing of wastewater coconut water generated by copra makers as intermediate raw materials for coco beverages
  • E-nose & e-tongue evaluation of philippine ethnic foods
  • Establishment of processing methods for the production of natural sweetener
  • Eveluation of quality profile and functional properties of makapuno (ECM & kabuwig)
  • Natural food color
  • Structured steak





  • Development of low cost processed meat: structured ham
  • Comparative study of wet and dry processing of coffee
  • Design of vacuum fryer for food service
  • Conversion of steam retort to automated water spray retort
  • Prototyping of barrel from local wood
  • Standardization of process & appropriate colorant for salted eggs
  • Development of standards for ethnic foods: Banana ketchup/ banana sauce
  • Characterization of Philippine sauces & discrimination between coffee varieties
  • Scale-up production of bubod for tapuy production
  • Improving the safety of taho and tokwa with appropriate use of food additive
  • Innovative smoking techniques (less smokehouse) for food products: Sub-projects 1: Development and characterization of food quality smoked salt; Sub-project 2: Product development using smoked salt



  • Establishment of product/process parameters for traditional viands as meals ready to eat (MRE) rations for disaster, calamity and relief operation
  • Improvement of product quality of gourmet chocolate (tablea)
  • Comparative study of dry and wet processing of coffee
  • Development of coconut water concentrate
  • Establishmnet of product identity for ginger brew or salabat
  • Prototyping of portable smokehouse kit



Food Standards

  • Development of Standards for Ethnic Foods: Sweet Preserves
  • Development of Standards for Ethnic Foods: Rice/Corn Sticks and
    Canton Noodles
  • Development of Draft Standards for Nata de Coco in Syrup;
    Kaong; Banana; Langka
  • Establishment of a Food Information System in Compliance with
    the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Agreement
  • Reduced Detention Levels for Philippine Food Exports
  • Standardization of Salt Iodization Process for Small and
    Subsistence Salt Processors


Lifestyle Food and Convenience Foods

  • Development of Ready-to-cook Shrimp Products
  • Development of Low-Sugar Jams, Jellies and Marmalades
  • Convenience Foods from Tiger Prawns (Breaded Shrimps Cocktail)
  • Development of Convenience Foods: Heat-and-Serve Foods


Fermented Products

  • Fermentation of Selected Fruits and Vegetables:
    Softening in Fermented Green Mangoes (NSTA-ASEAN FTRD PROJECT)
  • Technical and Economic Assessment of the NIST process for the Accelerated Manufacture of Patis and Bagoong
  • Philippines Process Improvement Project on Patis and Bagoong Manufacture
  • Accelerated Process of Soy Sauce Manufacture
  • Improved Process of Oyster Sauce Production
  • Development of Patis Koji


Thermally Processed Foods

  • Development of Processes for Canned Tuna Spread
  • Determination of Fo value and shelflife of Canned Sardines
  • Establishment of Thermal Processes for 10 Sweet Preserves
  • Shelflife Studies of Tropical Fruit Cocktail and Mixed preserves in Doy Pack
  • Assessment of Shelflife of Canned Goat Extract



  • Suitability of Locally available Bisugo (Threadfin Bream) as Raw Material for processing of Surimi and Surimi-base products
  • ITDI-Orient Land and Sea Resources, Inc.
    Cooperative Work on the Development of Kalaso
    Surimi and surimi-based Products



  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study on the Integrated Processing of Fresh coconut meat for Medium Scale Operations
  • Development of Draft Standards for Dry Mixes for Soups and Sauces
  • Development of Coconut Milk Beverage with or without Particulates
  • Development of Simulated Dairy Milk



  • Standarization of Processes of Fermented Vegetables (Gulhachi)



  • Pilot Scale Production of Dehydrated Onion
  • Low Sugar and Sulfite Free Dehydrated Pineapple
  • Development of Standard Process for Pili Nut



  • Development of Accelerated Vinegar Production using Acetator


Extrusion Technology

  • Development of Tropical Fruit Gummy by Extrusion Technology


Vacuum Frying

  • Standardization of Processes for Vacuum Fried Mussels and Squid
  • Standardization of the Design of ITDI Vacuum Fryer



  • Utilization of Calamansi Oil from Waste Peels in Beverages and Confectionery Products


Fruit Concentrate

  • Triple Strength Passion Fruit Concentrate



  • Development of Processed Mushroom Products
  • (Contract Research: ITDI-Gabay Kaunlaran ng Bulacan Inc.)



  • Development of Technologies in the Production of Fruit Analogs


Waste Utilization

  • Chitin Extraction from Shrimp Head Wastes
  • Treatment and Utilization of Fish Processing Wastes:
    1. Treatment and Utilization of Fish Oil obtained as by-products of fish meal/fish cannery waste
    2. Utilization of Trash Fish and Cannery Wastes
  • Standardization of Processes of Accelerated Fish Sauce from Fish processing wastes