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Packaging Technology Division (PTD)

  • Established in September 24, 1999 as one of the flagship programs of DOST and formerly known as the Packaging R&D Center (PRDC).  In August 2009, the PRDC was formalized as a Division under ITDI and now known as the Packaging Technology Division


  • Mandated to make local industries and their products globally competitive through world class, innovative and sustainable packaging technology.


  • The only institution in the Philippines that provides packaging assistance to SMEs systematically and comprehensively.






  • Packaging services are anchored on satisfying the needs of SMEs & industry sectors by providing total packaging solutions e.g. R&D, testing, design, innovations, etc.


  • Now considered a vital government unit to the private sector.



Five Major Facilities and Capability

1.  Packaging R&D Laboratory

  • Application/development of new packaging technology e.g. active & high packaging for shelf life improvement, retort packaging & modified atmosphere packaging, etc.
  • Packaging innovation/option, new ideas (enhancing market potential)
  • Packaging structure/cushion development for transport packaging for food & non-food products (zero/reduced product damage & reduced packaging cost)


2. Packaging Testing Laboratory

  • Packaging material properties
  • Packaging performance
  • Identification of materials
  • Safety of packaging materials for food contact
  • Shelf life testing (product & packaging materials)

3. Packaging Design

  • Label/graphic design development
  • Gift box, carrier box/bag development
  • Brand development
  • Short printing using digital printing technology

4. Packaging Library and Data Resource Information System

  • Data base management system
  • Packaging books & journals

5.  Pilot Plant for Selected Packaging Technology

  • toll packaging services for retort pack/pouch foods and form fill seal for liquid products in sachet;
  • training venue for packaging techniques



Technical Cooperation Projects (TCP)

Existing Bilateral Agreement with Japan

The PTD collaborates with Japan through its Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), one of the world leaders in packaging technology to facilitate its manpower development and acquisition of packaging technology.  Two technical cooperation projects were already completed from 2005 to 2010.  With these 2 TCPs, the PTD has developed its capacity on food packaging and packaging design.  A third TCP with JICA entitled “Enhancing the Competitiveness of Fresh and Semi-processed Agricultural Products through the Application of Appropriate and Sustainable Packaging Technology was approved for implementation from 2012 to 2015.  The project will capacitate the PTD (manpower & facility) in the field of Transport Packaging Technology for Fresh Produce. 



 The Role of Packaging Technology Division in National Development

1.    Economic Growth via Sustainable and World Class Packaging Technology

1.1   Address the food supply and security problem

The PTD will implement a program on “Development of Packaging Technology for Fresh and Semi-Processed Agricultural Products”.  The program aims to address the high damage and spoilage by developing appropriate and sustainable packaging technology for fresh and semi-processed agricultural products.  Target goal is reduction of losses due to packaging by about 20% of the reported losses for selected commodities at the end of 2014.

1.2    Growth of MSMEs

For the period 2000-2009, a total of 1,852 SMEs (3.28% of the total number of registered SME establishments) were directly assisted covering 2,216 products in the areas of packaging design, testing and other related packaging services.  75% expanded the market and about 3% penetrated the export market.  On the same period over 10,000 SMEs were provided consultation services on packaging related issues (17% of the total number of registered SME establishments). 

The PTD is continuously conducting packaging R&D to satisfy the packaging needs of MSMEs.

1.3 Enhancing the Competitive Position of Philippine Products for the Export Market

The PTD is currently implementing a project “Enhancing the Competitive Identity of Unique Philippine Products through the Development of Packaging Design and Appropriate Packaging Technology” with the aim of enhancing national branding.

PTD has also initiated developing its core competency in conducting method validation for specific packaging related contaminants such as BPA, photo-initiators etc. to assure that the Philippine exports of packaged foods will comply with international standards and avoid detention or technical barrier to trade (TBT).

The furniture and housedecor sector was also assisted by improving the transport packaging technology thereby attaining zero product damage during transit and reducing packaging cost by about 35%.  This makes their products competitive in the export market.

1.4   Creation of livelihood via community based packaging projects

Successful community based projects of PTD include gift box for the Yakan cloth for Yakan tribe in Basilan, Trappist Monastery in Guimaras (for students and out-of school youth), and Little Flower of Franciscan Sisters in Baguio (for wives of rebel returnees) among others.

     2.  Regional/Countryside Development

       2.1 packaging development of ethnic foods for wider distribution                         (domestic and export)

With the application of appropriate packaging technology, many ethnic foods found their way to bigger markets.  Examples that expanded the market from regional to Metro Manila are arrowroot cookies of Marinduque, butter scotch of Iloilo and kalamansi juice of Zamboanga among others.  Ethnic foods that penetrated the export market include buko pie, puto ube, traditional biscuits (uraro, broas, biscocho, etc.), and moron (rice roll).

Rural farmers and fisherfolks in the countryside are the target beneficiaries of PTD packaging projects on fresh and semi-processed agricultural products.

        2.2 enhancement of capability of regional dost packaging coordinators on  packaging   technology

To facilitate provision of consultation services on simple packaging related issues in the region, the PTD conducted training/seminar on basic packaging technology for DOST packaging coordinators in the region. 

The PTD has also conducted series of graphic design training for regional designers endorsed by DOST Regional Office.


     3. Disaster and Calamity Mitigation

PTD developed sardines in tomato sauce in pouch for Mega Sardines Inc., and currently, the product was chosen by United Nations as one of the relief foods being distributed world wide.  Following the success of sardines in pouch, more retort foods which will serve as relief and survival foods during typhoons, floods and other natural disasters will be developed by PTD.  These include soup based products for infants & toddlers (congee, chicken rice soup, & corn based soup) and rice meals (chicken adobo rice, chicken tocino rice, etc.).  Retort foods will address the problems such as (1) the need to cook e.g. noodles, rice etc., (2) difficulty in opening canned foods, and (3) can be dropped by means of helicopter for areas that cannot be reached by land, boat due to floods, broken bridges, etc.