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On-going Projects


·         Development of Transport Packaging Technology for Cutflowers


·         Development of Transport Packaging Technology for Non-food Products


·         An Experimental Comparison of Compression Strength of Regular Slotted Containers,

     Bliss Cases & Wrap Around Boxes


·         Preliminary Assessment on the Safety of Degradable Plastics for Food & Non-food


·         Effect of Storage Time & Temperature on the Properties of Selected Flexible Packaging



·        Effect of Simulated Sunlight on the Mitigation Characteristics of Low Density PE Film


·         Effect of Packaging Structure & Retort Temperature on the Quality of Shelf Stable

     Cassava Cake


·         Enhancing the Competitive Identity of Unique Philippine Products Through the

     Development of Packaging Design & Appropriate Packaging Technology




Techno Transfer Bulletin

ITDI Technologies ready for transfer

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