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Technical Services

The STD provides technical services that are reliable and responsive to the needs of industry and its other customers.
Tests and Analyses of Materials and Products 

STD can help industry, and other customer in the determination of composition, performance, and/or conformity of products and materials to standard specifications or product technical data.



 Other Services                                 

Evaluation of Formula of Conversion for Duty Drawback,
Tax Credit Purposes and as a PNP requirement

STD determines the quantity of raw materials needed to manufacture different products that are to be exported and issues corresponding formula of conversion certificates. The certificate is one of the requirements of the Department of Finance for the exporter to have tax credits for the materials it imports.

Advisory and Consultancy Services

STD act's as adviser and consultant to industry and other government agencies on material and product quality and performance evaluation.



Procedure to avail Testing Services

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Techno Transfer Bulletin

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