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    Vacuum Fried Anchovies

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    Bottled Milkfish

    Sardines in Oil

    Bottled Tuyo in Oil

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    Vacuum Fried Mussels

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    ADMATEL Laboratory

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    Food Processing Technologies

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    National Metrology

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    Standards and Testing

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    Materials Science

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    Packaging Technologies

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    Environment and Biotechnology

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    Chemicals and Energy



The division has been created to: diffuse, transfer Institute's generated technologies, promote public awareness of the Institute's technologies/new services, establish and main linkages with mass media,scientific and technology-based institutions and other organizations involved in industrial development for the promotion and transfer of technologies, enhance and maintain databases/documentation system of original ITDI research outputs and related researches from other sources for global access/information service and contribute in the planning and implementation of the Institute's programs/projects.

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         For Details Please Contact:

                     MS. NELIA ELISA C. FLORENDO
                     Chief, TSD
                     Tel. 8372071 to 82 local 2265; Fax: 8376156
                     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




TSD - agents of transfer of appropriate information services and technologies that create local and global market for the upliftment of the country's economy.



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