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Technological Services Division
composed of four (4) sections that undertake specific programs and activities:


db button1Provide engineering related support services to technology
transfer programs and projects of the Institute i.e., engineering
design preparation, fabrication/prototyping, equipment/processing
facility installation/trouble shooting. etc.

db button1Provide engineering-related support services
in process development/scale-up projects as needed; and

db button1Provide support services in the repair and maintenance of
buildings and other physical facilities.

db button1Prepare feasibility study/business opportunity plan,
technology package, and technology commercialization
plan of developed technologies, including IPR management
as tools/portfolio for techno-tranfer;

db button1Conduct technology evaluation/impact assessment
study of generated technologies;

db button1Develop a system for contracting and facilitate the
implementation and monitoring of the same; and

db button1Facilitate technology transfer/commercialization
negotiations and arrangments.

db button1
Establish and maintain a system of cooperation between
the institute and regional clients through the DOST regional
offices for the implementation of joint projects;

db_button1.gifOrganize and deliver technology-based training
programs, source out and provide subject matter

db_button1.gifEvaluate impact of traning programs; and

db_button1.gifInterface with DOST-ROS for monitoring of ITDI
regional projects for sustainability.

Enhance and maintain databases/documentation system
of orginal research outputs of the Institute and researches
from other sources for global access/information service;

Prepare news articles, mass media presentations,
techno bulletin/brochures, technology transfer kits
(operating manual, video presentation, etc.), technology
exhibits, and managing study visits for promoting technologies
and public awareness of the Institute;

db_button1.gifOrganize press conferences, seminars and workshops;

Enhance and maintain library collections (includes techno-video
presentations); and

db_button1.gifProvide efficient/effective library services.



1. To design and validate one acceptable training program
within the year;

2. To conduct 100% of the approved number of training
programs for the year with a very satisfactory rating;

3. To implement 100% of the approved requests for
technical assistance/technology transfer in the regions
based on agreed schedules/duration within the year
with a very satisfactory rating;

4. To provide 100% relevant information to customer
and stakeholders, both internally and externally in all forms
(print and non-print, media/press conference, exhibits,
techno fora) at the right time;

5. To prepare techno-economic studies (market/industry
profile, FS/BOP and techno-packages) of identified
mature/commerciable technologies within the prescribed period;

6. To develop business development strategies for
marketing and promotion of identified technologies/new
services within the prescribed period;

7. To provide engineering related services in support
of ITDI activities such as: R&D, technical services,
maintenance and repair of physical facilities/buildings
and technology transfer within the prescribed time with
a very satisfactory rating.


Ms. Nelia Elisa C. Florendo

Chief, Technological Services Division


DOST Cpd., Bicutan City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Fax: (632) 8376156

Tel.: (632) 837-2071 to 82 local 2265/2214

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.