Metrology in Sport: No Games without Measurement

May 20, 2008 is a red-letter day for metrology conscious persons as well as Sport aficionados. It has been designated as ''World Metrology Day (WMD)." May 20, 1875 marks the beginning of this annual observance, with the signing of an International Treaty in the Metre Convention. Basically, its goal is worldwide uniformity of measurement by using the International System of Units or SI. To elaborate, one such application of this basic goal is the European Airbus A380. Its parts are manufactured in the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany but sent to France for the assembly. With uniformity of measurement, it would not really matter where the parts are fabricated.

In observance of this important event, ITDI-DOST is one with the metrology Institutes such as the Physicalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Germany; National Institute of Metrology (NIM) in China, and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), in celebrating WMD with the theme: "Metrology: Measurement in Sport - No Games Without Measurement."

In support to this significant annual observance of WMD, the DOST monthly Press Conference featured METROLOGY, paving the way to creation of awareness & better understanding of its importance in trade, health, economy and in sport. Media partners had a good grasp of the presentation and will now be able to help ITDI in disseminating the information to a greater segment of the population.

Considering that the Beijing Olympics will be held in August 2008, it has been deemed appropriate, timely and relevant to zero in on SPORTS. In all events, metrology or measurement is at work. Measurement of the length of a lap for swimming/track & field; the height traversed for long jump, height/length for javelin throw need to be very accurate. Speed with Time as reference standard is likewise taken into consideration. These determine the grant of awards like GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE. Without accurate measurements, there would be no fairness in these events. Weights do matter as in the categorization of boxers bantam/feather/heavyweight, and so on. Accurate measurement of the reach, the height, and the weight all factor in for fair games. (RTGenato).

ITDI Develops New, Innovative Gadget

In line with government's continuing efforts to offer solutions to the fuel/energy crisis, the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (ITDI-DOST) has developed simple gadgets that would run a generator without the use of gasoline. The gadgets convert a gasoline-fed generator into methane gas (biogas) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fed generator.

The gadgets are: energy facilitated adopter or EFA for LPG conversion and new energy adaptor or NEA for biogas conversion. Both are simple gadgets fabricated from poly-vinyl (PVC) material, which could facilitate the intake of methane or LPG into air-intake combustion port of the generator. In said port, the optimum air-methane or air-LPG ratio must be maintained at optimum level in order to effect an ideal combustion process. With these simple conversion kits, small time electric operators would run their generating units with either biogas or LPG instead of gasoline. In effect, operation would be more cost effective.

Currently, EFA & NEA are eagerly awaiting the result of the conversion of a 13 Hp electric generator, which runs for 1 to 4 hrs on biogas or LPG. Biogas consumption is at 3 cu. m for an output of 220V. The power generated supplies the electricity requirements of the BIOGAS Rm. of the Environmental Division Building of ITDI in the DOST Cpd., Bicutan, Taguig City.

TACIS: A Breakthrough in Testing, Analyses & Calibration Services

Heeding to the government's call to computerize the bureaucracy, the Department of Science & Technology (DOST) banded together its 15 Regional Offices and 7 RDIs with Advanced Science & Technology Institute (ASTI) at the helm. The team, chaired by DR. NUNA E. ALMANZOR, ITDI Director, conceptualized and established the Tests, Analyses & Calibration System (TACIS) with the goal of enhanced frontline services by bringing them closer to their clients.

TACIS is the department's first integrated client-centered information system. Its main objective is to improve the operational capability of the department's testing, analyses and calibration services. Its web portal unifies all DOST RDIs and Regional Offices by providing a 24/7 online interactive service that addresses both the customer support and the laboratory management concerns. The system consists of 3 major components namely, TACIS Portal, TACIS Lab and TACIS Monitoring.

With the automation of the workflow of testing, analyses & calibration services, the paper-based system will be transformed into a web-based system. The improved delivery of the department's income-generating services through a dramatically reduced average time from request to delivery of service up to issuance of certificates/reports, a tremendous increase in revenues is expected.

With TACIS, clients can submit requests for services online, get a quotation on requested service/s, monitor transaction status and get a copy of test certificates. Automation allows our testing laboratories and financial staff to process service requests at a faster pace, reducing processing time by about 30%, data analysis by 50% and report preparation by 35%.

The Department's TACIS has these to offer:

No annual fees
Accessible anytime, anywhere
Up-to-date transactions status monitoring
Convenient & economical
Faster & more efficient service
Minimal system requirement
Centralized service across all DOST RDIs & ROs

This Project has been funded by the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT). With the much-needed financial support, TACIS, a dream program, has come to fruition. The department, in general, and the Institute in particular is indeed very grateful and appreciative of CICT's whole-hearted support. TACIS was officially launched in simple rites at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology (PHIVOLCS) on February 17, 2008.
For a better view of the System and for further information, visit the TACIS portal at

ITDI-DOST Conducts Training for Water Refilling Operators

In response to an explicit need for a training course by water refilling operators, the Institute's Technical Services providers took up the cudgels to conduct a 40-hr "Training Program for Water Refilling Station Operators."

This came in the light of a requisite for the grant of sanitation permit for these operators, seeking to renew their BFAD license to operate (LTO). Cavite Water Refilling Operators, Inc. (CWRAI) commissioned the services of this Institute, which is recognized as a government accredited agency conducting tests & analyses for various sectors of industry and for the general public.

Earlier developments saw the rapid increase in the number of water refilling operators selling out 'bottled' water, which is safe for drinking and the implicit need for government to assure safety/protection of the consuming public. This steep rise in number warranted that the government step into the picture and come up with a law to this effect. Thus, the government passed and approved Presidential Decree or PD 856 to regulate the operation of the water refilling stations. Under the law, water-refilling operators are required to undergo a 40-hour training prior to the issuance of a sanitation permit.

The training course was spread over a 5-day period, comprising of lectures, demonstrations, workshop/consultancy, culminating with a documented evaluation. It covered a wide array of topics that include: Good Manufacturing Practices/Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (GMP/HACCP); Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (2007 Guidelines); Environmental Laws; Environmental Health Engineering; IRR for Water Refilling Stations/Setting Up of a Water Refilling Station; among others. The training was highlighted with a visit to Silang Water District where they had an overview of how water is pumped and pre-treated in a chlorination tank prior to distribution to suppliers. From there, water goes to water refilling operators and eventually, to the consuming public.

The training was conducted on the second and third weeks of January 2008. This had to be done twice to accommodate the large number of operators with sincere intent to renew their licenses. The Institute experts delivered their lectures well and all the participants were satisfied.

ITDI Offers Fermentation Kit to Upgrade Local Wine

Tradition tells us that wine has always been part of Philippine culture. It is offered in most, if not all, celebrations i.e. Christening, town fiesta, wedding, other festive occasions countrywide, down to the smallest barrios. It could be noted that each region/ province or town is identified with its special type of wine.

Local wines go through the traditional method of preparation following a technology that has been handed down from one generation to another. Through the years, the quality of wine has not been consistent. The Food Processing Division experts therefore, initiated moves to improve on the traditional process, introducing a standardized method, with proper quality control instruments to check on parameters. The end-in-view is to make local wine globally competitive.

The above objective has led to the development of the 'wine fermentation kit,' which consists of a fermentation vessel (200L capacity) equipped with a fermentation lock & sampling port to ensure anaerobic & sterile conditions during alcoholic fermentation. The kit likewise includes a complete set of testing instruments for alcohol & total acidity determinations.

Fermentation involves conversion of natural sugars like glucose and fructose into ethanol and carbon dioxide (CO2), the latter then released from the wine mixture into the air. Upon completion of the fermentable sugars into alcohol of approximately 10 to 12%, production of CO2 ceases. This alcohol content can be determined using an ebulliometer. Racking at room temperature (or a little lower) to develop the sparkling color, distinct flavor and aroma of the wine follows fermentation. The quality of wine can be enhanced further by the addition of natural flavors from tropical fruits, barks and leaves during the aging process.

With an initial investment of PhP 22,000 for the kit, wine production can be much improved and the end-product can be upgraded to global heights. Purchase of the kit includes the 200L drum (PhP6,000), alcohol & acidity testing instruments (PhP16,000) and the training.

NML Acts Toward ISO 17025 Accreditation

The National Metrology Laboratory (NML) has made a leap toward ISO 17025 Accreditation. The Electrical Standards Laboratory has developed the following: Quality Policy Manual of NML with the corresponding Quality Procedure Manual and the Electrical Standards Laboratory Quality Manual. All these have been completed and are currently under review. After the review, NML personnel look forward to the implementation of the policies/procedures therein.

On the other hand, a team composed of Mesdames. Aurora V. Kimura & Monalisa G. Ragay; Messrs. Manuel M. Ruiz, Joeffrey M. Batang made an actual assessment of the Temperature & Hygrometry Standards Laboratory of the NML. The team, with Dr. Peter Reinshaus, visiting expert, was able to identify the following:

Required documents for ISO accreditation i.e., calibration procedures, work instructions & other requirements for ISO accreditation; Scope of ISO accreditation; and Non-conformities to ISO 17205/consultancy on corrective actions

The team also discussed thoroughly on: uncertainties, on to identification of measurement capability (lowest uncertainty can be attained). At this point, the team prepared an action plan for the ISO accreditation.

With these developments, we foresee the NML as another ISO Accredited Laboratory! ITDI makes conscious efforts to further promote this laboratory and its varied services. (RTGenato & RRNavarro, NML)


ITDI announces the development of its new web page, independent of the DOST domain. Visit and compare the ease of accessibility with the existing site. At the moment, the web page is undergoing refinement but starting July 1, it will be a pleasure to visit this page.

This development came in the light of explicit observations of entrepreneur -partners who served as respondents of Ms. Violeta B. Conoza for her survey in relation to her thesis - M.S. Communications Development. The same group of respondents participated in a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), which was held at the Institute. This activity catalyzed the project on ITDI WEB PAGE DEVELOPMENT.

The new web page is the Institute's response to client concerns re: difficulty in accessing the institute web page, the many layers one goes through before obtaining the required information, and so on. With an attractive proposal package that entails no cost on the part of the Institute, the web has become a reality. Access and observe the difference. (RTGenato)

ITDI Mechanizes Production of Asphalt Aggregate Mix

In efforts to hasten transfer of technology on the development of asphalt aggregate mix using plastic waste bags, institute experts mechanized their process. The project team purchased ½ bagger concrete 1ixer and has fabricated a plastic/asphalt mixer and aggregate siever. These are urgently needed equipment to facilitate the production of the asphalt aggregate mix, thus making the mix easily available in greater amounts. The in-house production could therefore simulate micro to small-scale fabrication.

With this development, feasibility studies and/or business opportunities plan could already be initiated and could catalyze technology transfer on this particular product. The experts have recently patched at least two potholes in front of the Standards & Testing Division building.  (RTGenato / JRCelorico, MSD)

(1) Preparation of surface of pot hole
(2) Application of binder
(3) Application of asphalt mix (aggregate asphalt with waste plastic bags)
(4) Compaction of asphalt mix
(5) Repaired pot hole with developed as asphalt mix



Date: July 2-3, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 3,000.00

Date: July 9-10, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 3,200.00

Date: August 5-6, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 2,100.00

Date: August 12-13, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 2,400.00

Date: August 19, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 1,500.00

Date: August 20-21, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 3,400.00

Date: September 10-11, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 3,200.00


Date: October 1-2, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 2,500.00

Date: October 14-15, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 2,200.00

Date: November 4-5, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 2,600.00

Date: November 11-12, 2008 Training Fee: PhP 2,000.00

(Under Conforme letter)

1. Operation and Application of Water Retort in Thermal Processing
(low acid, acidified and high acid food products)
2. Root Crop Based Processing (e.g. ube, yacoon, etc.)
3. Specialty Dressing and Sauces (salad dressings and pasta sauce)
4. Meat Processing
5. GMP-HACCP for Food Manufacturing
6. Coconut Mini-Oil Milling and Refining
7. Natural Based Insecticide
8. Plastic Waste Recycling and Processing
9. Polystyrene Recycling
10. Glass Recycling
11. Cleaner Production Assessment Training
12. Verification of Weighing Scales (spring scales)
13. Verification of Price Computing Scales (digital balance)
14. Verification of Fuel Dispenser (diesel/gasoline/LPG)
15. DC and Low Frequency AC Precision Electrical Measurements
16. Verification of Rice Moisture Meters
17. Metrology Awareness
18. Basic Measurement Instrumentation

Registration Information:·
Payment must be made in advance but not later than four (4) days before the training schedule. Payment/checks payable to Industrial Technology Development Institute are accepted through any Land Bank office with ITDI training Account Number: 1822-10-28-63.

Training Fee covers expenses for supplies and materials, use of facilities, meals, handouts, certificate and product samples (if applicable).

Certificates of attendance will be given to the participants with 100% attendance to the training

ITDI reserves the right to cancel any of its training program due to unforeseen circumstances

For further inquiries, please write or call:
Industrial Technology Development Institute
DOST Cpd., Bicutan, Taguig City
Tel. Nos. 837-2071 to 82 loc. 2265/2270/2269
Telefax no. 837-6156 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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